Half Day - $450 / Full Day - $750

Reef fishing is a great way to test the waters of Islamorada. You can catch a variety of fish that will be wonderful for dinner like grouper, hogfish, yellowtail snappers. You can also battle larger fish like shark, barracudas, and Goliath groupers. We provide the top of the line gear, tackle, bait, and fishing liscences.

We offer all types of fishing for all levels of experience from the novice to the expert fisherman.  We are one of the few boats in the keys that will adjust your charter to the whole family’s need.  We will take the time to teach beginers the art of fishing

For very young kids who have never fished before, the captain will be happy to teach you how. It is easy. You can learn how to cast a spinning reel, bait a hook, tie the knot, remove the hook from the fish, rig large shark baits, etc. For kids we go to spots that are loaded with lots of snapper. They are almost always hungry, providing non stop action. The fish put up a good fight, but do not scare or tire the smallest fisherman.