Captain chris

Captain Chris was born and raised in Connecticut but was always dreaming of being on the water. As a kid he spent his time fishing rivers and streams near his house and was happiest in the summers fishing the coast of Maine. He moved to Islamorada in 2011 to pursue his passion for being on the water. His true love is spearfishing and you can find him swimming in the ocean on his day off. Captain Chris is currently the only captain offering spearfishing lessons in Islamorada. 

"It is so hard to pick my favorite fishing style or water activity.  Each one has a unique quality that I love. Spearfishing is all about the hunt. Tarpon fishing is about strength and the fight. Reef fishing is fun and exciting because you never know what surprise is waiting for you at the end of the line. But then you have snorkeling, where you get to experience and join the majestic underwater world." - Capt. Chris